Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seattle Sees Serious Snow!

We got some serious snow in Seattle this year. I loved it; so slow and quiet, making people slow down, walk and encounter each other. People said hello and helped each other get unstuck. Our street was closed for some stretches of time, but chains made all the difference.

Our little Buddha got a snowy jacket and top hat. What is that, 12 inches?
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Meiga en Alaska said...

Those are some serious icicles!!!
It must have been a pretty crazy week over there with all the snow and the city slowing down so much...

I was amazed to hear that in this little town school only closes down when temperatures reach about -50F. And that is probably just because propane liquifies when it's so cold, and you can't use it to cook :)

I hope you had fun frolicking in the snow. If you ever miss it, you know who to visit :)

Love you, sweetie