Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kristi's visit and Deception Pass

Eric and Kristi painted together

Kristi and Aedon (now 8) at skate park

Sunset at Deception Pass - always on the hunt for the perfect rock

MaryJane, Zoey and Huggies

Hanna, Zoe, Kristi on the beach short steps from our campsite

Our newest family member, Shanti, born 3/9/08

Eric's amazing sister Kristi spent several days with us. Eric and I both had time off and made the most of it. They played guitar together, visited coffee shops, went camping at Deception Pass, saw The Blakes live and generally had a smashing time. Kristi just graduated high school and turns 18 soon. She's excited to start her independent life. Can't believe Hannah is only 3.5 years her junior. Wow! Love you lil' Kristi!!