Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Woke up slowly on Christmas, kids came over at noon and we feasted and relished our blessings together. Adrian made pumpkin pie with wheat free crust which was tastier then I expected. I'm so greatful for this family and the support and love that's here.

The kids make the holiday!

Aedon (9yrs), Roxy (3yrs), Elvis (5yrs), Hannah (15yrs)

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Seattle Sees Serious Snow!

We got some serious snow in Seattle this year. I loved it; so slow and quiet, making people slow down, walk and encounter each other. People said hello and helped each other get unstuck. Our street was closed for some stretches of time, but chains made all the difference.

Our little Buddha got a snowy jacket and top hat. What is that, 12 inches?
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Kauai with the ladies

In November, I hung out with my good friends Ann and Nicolette in Kauai for 7 days of relaxation and exploration. It was Nic's first time in the Hawaiian Islands and it was super fun to see her experience it. As Murphy's law would have it, it rained for several days, but we were able to get some sunnin' in too. Thank God! What I loved about this trip was that I got to learn new things about friends I've known for many years. Ann, you can be super decisive and like to exit a vehicle immediately. No lollygaggin'. Nic, you can definitely go with the flow and you have quite the power to manifest. "Hm, I want to see a sea turtle." Next thing you know I almost trip over one. What?? Let's manifest more travel together!! Love you two ladies.

Nic's feet for the first time on a Hawaiin beach.

Salt Flats Beach, went snorkeling, and at sunset we high tailed it to buy beer and watch the view from a different location. Ended up seeing a shark in the bay!

Sacred Forest on Kauai
Found this little hidden forest off a residential road. Met some people from India who explained that the seeds from these trees were thought to keep one's heart strong. Nic and I made like these Hindus and gathered some seeds for ourselves.

Z at the norther end beach at the end of the main road. One of my favorite beaches.

Ann hiking down to a hidden beach in Princeville. Thanks to the cool book her mom lent her we found this little spot of beach. There were only surfers and 2 gals taking up the only sunny patch of sand there was. If it weren't for the riptide warning she'd of gone swimming there.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Night out

Eric and Zoe out and about.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kristi's visit and Deception Pass

Eric and Kristi painted together

Kristi and Aedon (now 8) at skate park

Sunset at Deception Pass - always on the hunt for the perfect rock

MaryJane, Zoey and Huggies

Hanna, Zoe, Kristi on the beach short steps from our campsite

Our newest family member, Shanti, born 3/9/08

Eric's amazing sister Kristi spent several days with us. Eric and I both had time off and made the most of it. They played guitar together, visited coffee shops, went camping at Deception Pass, saw The Blakes live and generally had a smashing time. Kristi just graduated high school and turns 18 soon. She's excited to start her independent life. Can't believe Hannah is only 3.5 years her junior. Wow! Love you lil' Kristi!!